Prepare Now for Year-End Adoption of New Lease Accounting Rules

Dec 6, 2018
Tax and Accounting


Welcome to Life Designers, your trusted partner in business and consumer services – consulting and analytical services. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to prepare for the year-end adoption of new lease accounting rules.

Understanding the Importance of New Lease Accounting Rules

The introduction of new lease accounting rules has significant implications for businesses across industries. These rules aim to provide a more accurate representation of a company's financial position by requiring the recognition of almost all lease-related assets and liabilities on the balance sheet.

Compliance with these new rules is essential, as failure to do so may lead to financial penalties, erosion of shareholder confidence, and potential legal repercussions. Thus, it is crucial for businesses to prepare well in advance of the year-end deadline.

Challenges Faced by Businesses

The transition to the new lease accounting rules may pose challenges for businesses of all sizes. Some common challenges include:

  1. Lack of awareness about the new rules and their implications
  2. Inadequate resources to gather and analyze lease data
  3. Difficulty in determining the lease term and discount rate
  4. Complexity in identifying embedded leases
  5. Integration of lease accounting software with existing systems

Recognizing these challenges, Life Designers offers comprehensive consulting and coaching services tailored to your unique business needs. Our expert team will guide you through every step of the transition process, ensuring a seamless adaptation to the new lease accounting rules.

Our Solutions

At Life Designers, we understand that every business is different. That's why our solutions are customized to address your specific challenges and requirements. Here are some key aspects of our services:

1. Assessment and Planning

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current lease portfolio and accounting practices. This helps us identify gaps and formulate a comprehensive plan for compliance with the new rules. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.

2. Data Gathering and Analysis

Gathering and analyzing lease data can be a daunting task. Our experienced consultants will assist you in collecting and organizing lease information, identifying relevant data points, and ensuring its accuracy and completeness. This step lays the foundation for accurate financial reporting.

3. Lease Classification and Measurement

Proper classification and measurement of leases are crucial for accurate financial reporting. Our team of experts will help you determine lease terms, assess discount rates, and identify any embedded leases. This ensures compliance with accounting standards and avoids potential misstatements.

4. Implementation and Training

Implementing new accounting rules requires a coordinated effort across departments. Our team will guide you through the implementation process, including software adoption and integration with existing systems. We also provide training to your staff, ensuring they understand the new rules and can effectively apply them.

5. Ongoing Support and Compliance

Our engagement does not end with implementation. We offer ongoing support and monitoring to ensure continued compliance with the new lease accounting rules. Our experts stay updated with regulatory changes, addressing any emerging challenges promptly and keeping your business in compliance.

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