RKL's Gilbert, Skrinak Elected to PICPA Leadership Roles

Jul 8, 2018

Life Designers, a prominent business and consumer services consulting firm specializing in life design consulting and coaching, is thrilled to announce the recent election of RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak to prestigious leadership roles within the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).

Introduction to RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak

Life Designers takes immense pride in the professional accomplishments of its esteemed team members. With a deep commitment to excellence and expertise in providing comprehensive consulting and analytical services, RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak have exemplified their dedication to the industry through their election to PICPA leadership roles.

PICPA Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) is a respected professional organization that represents certified public accountants and accounting professionals across the state. Serving as elected leaders within PICPA demonstrates the highest level of professional competence, integrity, and commitment to the accounting industry.

As professionals with extensive experience in business and consumer services consulting, RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak possess the requisite knowledge and skills to serve in these leadership roles effectively. Their election highlights their exceptional abilities and contributions to the field of accounting.

RKL's Gilbert's Achievement and Contributions

RKL's Gilbert, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the consulting industry, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role at PICPA. His substantial contributions have made a significant impact on the industry, gaining recognition from peers and clients alike.

With a strong focus on life design consulting and coaching, RKL's Gilbert has helped numerous businesses and individuals achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Through his leadership within PICPA, he aims to further empower professionals in the accounting field, promoting growth and success.

Skrinak's Expertise and Industry Contributions

Skrinak, a highly-respected individual in the business and consumer services consulting sector, possesses a vast knowledge base that extends across multiple areas of expertise. Her election to a leadership role within PICPA is a testament to her exceptional abilities and contributions to the accounting profession.

Having worked extensively with individuals seeking life design consulting and coaching services, Skrinak has helped clients overcome challenges and navigate complex financial situations. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to relentless personal and professional development make her a valuable asset within the organization.

Impact on the Consulting and Analytical Services Industry

The election of RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak to PICPA leadership roles not only reinforces their exemplary credentials and experience but also highlights the influence and impact of Life Designers within the consulting and analytical services industry. Their expertise continues to shape the industry landscape and inspire other professionals to strive for success in their respective fields.

Continued Commitment to Excellence

Life Designers remains dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional consulting and coaching services to businesses and individuals. With RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak's election to PICPA leadership roles, the firm continues to solidify its position as a leading authority in the industry, offering insightful guidance and innovative solutions.

As Life Designers continues to evolve and exceed expectations, the expertise and achievements of RKL's Gilbert and Skrinak serve as a testament to their commitment to delivering the highest standards of service and consulting excellence.

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