What are good states for millennials just starting out?

Aug 31, 2019


If you're a millennial just starting out, finding the right state to begin your journey can significantly impact your personal and professional growth. At Life Designers, a business and consumer services consulting firm specializing in life design consulting and coaching, we understand the importance of location in shaping your future. In this article, we'll explore some of the best states for millennials looking to kick-start their lives and achieve their goals.

The Top States for Millennial Opportunities

1. California

With its vibrant tech industry, diverse culture, and numerous employment opportunities, California has long been a popular choice for millennials. The state is home to Silicon Valley, where innovative startups and technology giants thrive, making it an ideal destination for those pursuing careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

2. New York

New York City, often referred to as the "concrete jungle," offers a myriad of opportunities in various industries. From finance and fashion to arts and media, the city's fast-paced lifestyle attracts millennials seeking a bustling environment and endless networking possibilities.

3. Texas

Texas, specifically cities like Austin and Dallas, has emerged as a hotspot for millennials. The state boasts a lower cost of living compared to California or New York while still offering a thriving job market, particularly in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and energy.

4. Colorado

Known for its stunning landscapes, outdoor recreational activities, and a booming economy, Colorado appeals to millennials seeking a balanced lifestyle. Denver, the state's capital, offers a growing tech scene and a vibrant arts and culture community.

5. Washington

The state of Washington is home to companies like Amazon and Microsoft, making it an attractive destination for millennials in the tech industry. With its beautiful scenery, outdoor adventures, and growing job market, particularly in Seattle, Washington offers a wealth of opportunities.

The Importance of Life Design Consulting and Coaching

At Life Designers, we believe that location is just one aspect of achieving success and fulfillment as a millennial. This is where our life design consulting and coaching services come into play. Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the process of identifying your goals, values, and passions, helping you create a holistic life plan that encompasses not only your career but also your personal life.

We understand that navigating the complexities of adulthood can be overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. Our comprehensive approach includes assistance with career planning, financial management, health and wellness, and personal development. By addressing these areas, we aim to empower millennials to confidently tackle challenges and create the life they desire.

About Life Designers

Life Designers is a leading business and consumer services consulting firm specializing in life design consulting and coaching. With our extensive expertise in the field of personal and professional growth, we have helped numerous millennials achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Our team of dedicated consultants understands the unique challenges millennials face in today's rapidly changing world. We combine proven strategies, innovative approaches, and personalized guidance to assist our clients in designing a life that aligns with their aspirations.


Choosing the right state for millennials just starting out can have a significant impact on their future prospects. At Life Designers, we recognize the importance of location and offer life design consulting and coaching services to help millennials navigate their personal and professional journeys.

Whether you're looking for the vibrant tech scene of California, the endless opportunities of New York, the affordability of Texas, the balanced lifestyle of Colorado, or the thriving job market of Washington, Life Designers can support you in creating a well-rounded life plan that sets you up for long-term success.

Begin your journey with Life Designers today and let us assist you in designing a life that reflects your ambitions and aspirations.

Thomas Turner
Great insights! Choosing the right state can set the stage for millennial success.
Nov 10, 2023