Tax Reform Eliminates Employer-Funded Parking Deduction

Sep 4, 2020
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Welcome to Life Designers, your trusted partner for comprehensive consulting and coaching services in the Business and Consumer Services - Consulting & Analytical services category. In this article, we will explore the impact of tax reform on the deduction for employer-funded parking expenses. As a business owner, staying updated with legislative changes affecting your operations is essential.

Understanding the Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 brought significant changes to the U.S. tax system. Among these changes was the elimination of the deduction for employer-funded parking expenses. Previously, businesses could deduct these expenses as a qualified transportation fringe benefit. However, as of January 1, 2018, this deduction is no longer available.

Implications for Businesses

The elimination of the employer-funded parking deduction has financial implications for businesses across various industries. Employers who previously offered parking benefits to their employees, whether on-site or through leased spaces, need to reassess their budgets and tax strategies.

Increased Costs

With the removal of the deduction, businesses that provide parking to their employees now face increased costs. These costs can include lease expenses, maintenance, utilities, and security. It's crucial for businesses to evaluate the financial impact of these expenses and make adjustments to their budgets accordingly.

Tax Liability

Another consequence of the tax reform is the potential increase in tax liability for businesses. Without the ability to deduct employer-funded parking expenses, taxable income may be higher, resulting in a greater tax burden. It is advisable for businesses to consult with tax professionals to mitigate the impact of this change and explore alternative tax planning strategies.

Alternative Options

Although the elimination of the employer-funded parking deduction poses challenges, businesses can explore alternative options to manage the impact and maintain employee satisfaction.

Transportation Subsidies

Instead of providing parking benefits, businesses can consider offering transportation subsidies. These subsidies can cover public transportation costs, ride-sharing services, or even encouraging employees to carpool. By adopting such alternatives, businesses can potentially reduce costs and align their transportation policies with sustainability goals.

Remote Work and Flexibility

Another avenue to explore is promoting flexible work arrangements and remote work options. By embracing telecommuting and flexible scheduling, businesses can reduce the need for extensive parking facilities and provide employees with more convenient work options. This approach not only helps with cost savings but also improves work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

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Cynthia Larkin
This new tax reform will definitely have an impact on businesses providing parking benefits.
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