Real Results: Franklin & Marshall College + RKL

Sep 27, 2018


Welcome to Life Designers, the premier provider of life design consulting and coaching services in the industry. In this case study, we proudly present the real results we achieved in collaboration with Franklin & Marshall College and RKL.

Life Design Consulting and Coaching

Life Designers is a top-notch consulting and analytical services firm catering to businesses and consumer services. Our mission is to assist our clients in designing and achieving their desired lives, both personally and professionally. Through our extensive experience and expertise, we empower individuals, organizations, and institutions to excel and thrive.

Franklin & Marshall College: A Success Story

Franklin & Marshall College, a renowned liberal arts college established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, approached Life Designers with the aim of enhancing their students' career preparedness and overall satisfaction. They recognized the importance of a holistic approach that encompassed academic, professional, and personal growth.

Challenges and Goals

Franklin & Marshall College faced various challenges, including a need to improve career development resources and support for their students, aligning academic programs with industry demands, and fostering a culture of proactive life planning and goal-setting.

Life Designers' Comprehensive Approach

Understanding the unique needs of Franklin & Marshall College, Life Designers developed a comprehensive plan encompassing various stages:

1. Needs Assessment

We conducted an extensive needs assessment to identify gaps and areas for improvement within the college's career development resources and student support systems. This allowed us to tailor our approach effectively and address their specific challenges.

2. Collaborative Partnership

We formed a collaborative partnership with Franklin & Marshall College's administration, faculty, staff, and students. This ensured that our strategies aligned with the institution's goals and values, enhancing the overall impact of our interventions.

3. Curriculum Integration

Recognizing the importance of aligning academic programs with industry demands, we worked closely with faculty members to integrate career-focused components within the curriculum. This integration provided students with practical skills, knowledge, and experiences required for success in their chosen fields.

4. Holistic Support Services

Life Designers implemented a range of holistic support services, including workshops, individual coaching sessions, and resources tailored to students at different stages of their academic journey. By addressing personal and professional development simultaneously, we promoted overall satisfaction and success.

RKL: Turbocharging Business Success

RKL, one of the leading consulting firms in the region, partnered with Life Designers to amplify their business growth and optimize their organizational effectiveness.

Challenges and Goals

RKL faced challenges such as enhancing employee engagement, improving team dynamics, and fostering a culture of innovation and growth. They recognized the need to invest in their workforce, aligning their strategic objectives with their human capital.

Life Designers' Tailored Strategies

Life Designers crafted tailored strategies to address RKL's specific challenges and goals:

1. Employee Engagement Programs

We designed and delivered engaging employee development programs, focusing on enhancing job satisfaction, improving work-life balance, and fostering a positive work environment. These programs empowered RKL's employees to excel individually and as part of the organization.

2. Team Building Workshops

Recognizing the importance of cohesive and high-performing teams, we conducted team building workshops that fostered effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. These workshops significantly improved overall team dynamics and productivity.

3. Leadership Development

Life Designers provided targeted coaching and leadership development programs for RKL's key personnel. These initiatives equipped leaders with the necessary skills and strategies to inspire, motivate, and lead their teams towards success.

4. Innovation and Growth Cultivation

To help RKL foster a culture of innovation and growth, we introduced frameworks and practices that promoted creativity, critical thinking, and continuous improvement. This shift in mindset and approach positioned RKL as an industry innovator, driving their business success.


Life Designers is proud to have collaborated with remarkable institutions like Franklin & Marshall College and industry leaders like RKL. Through our tailored and comprehensive life design consulting and coaching services, we have consistently achieved exceptional results for our clients. Discover how Life Designers can help you unlock your potential, optimize your growth, and design the life you envision.